If you are one of those who love fishing. We give you the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of fishermen. Let's go to Koh Chang today for a fishing trip + snorkeling. At the sea of Koh Chang, Trat Province. We have experience.

For a long time fishing in this area of ​​Koh Chang
A fishing trip is an excursion or outing where the primary activity is fishing. This can involve going to the sea.

Fishing trips can be planned in advance or can be spontaneous depending on the availability of fishing spots and equipment. They can also be done with a group of friends or family members

On a fishing trip, participants typically spend time well as enjoying the natural surroundings and bonding with one another.

Program and Prices

3 Islands destination (Wai - Laoya - Klum)
* Recommended for Fishing 
Maximum 10 person 9,500 THB 
Maximum 20 person 10,500 THB
Maximum 30 person 13,000 THB
* Price does not include a national park fee of 200 THB per person
4 Islands destination
(Rang - Yak Lek - Yak Yai - Mapring)   
* Recommended for Snorkeling
Maximum 10 person 11,500 THB

Maximum 20 person 12,500 THB

Maximum 30 person 15,000 THB 

* Price does not include a national park fee of 200 THB per person


Price include

- Transportation from/to hotel (within area)

- Fishing Gears

- Snorkeling equipment (Mask + Life Jacket)

- Lunch onboard, Drinking water, Seasonal fruits & Coffee


Please note 

- Time available from 09.00 am until 16.00 pm
- Lunch menu are Thai food

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